Entry 12

Day 44 - Monday

He’s at my work now. Jesus, I thought there was something keeping him away, but there he was, in the corner of the break room clear as day. No one else saw him, and when I looked again he was gone.

But he was there, for just the briefest moment.

Now everyone thinks I’m crazy again, after I dropped my food plate and almost ran from the room. And then, of course, I had to ask everyone else if they had seen a man standing in the corner. And of course they all said no, and looked at me like I was waving a knife around. An hour later, my boss came up to me and told me I should take the day off. After all, he said, stress can be a serious problem, and the best cure is a nice break.

Yeah, that, and getting the crazy guy away from the other employees.

I might just take the rest of the year off. If I’m not safe there, what’s the point?

Shit, I hate Mondays.

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