Entry 3

Day 11 - Monday

I don’t know what it is. So many theories. So many questions. Too many answers. He’s an alien. He’s an interdimensional being. He’s a demon. He’s a figment of our collective unconscious. He’s a mutated human. He’s a product of Hitler’s occult practices, attempting (and failing) to manifest himself in an easily disguisable form. He only exists because you think about him, now try not to think about him. Apparently he has tentacles. Haven’t seen those yet.

If nothing else, my research has given me names. The Operator, Takkenmann, Der Ritter, Großmann. The Slender Man. Oh, God, The Slender Man.

And now, after the shower experience from my previous entry, and what happened this morning, I’m afraid to ever enter my bathroom again. I had just gotten out of the shower – I managed to keep my eyes open this time – and I was at the sink brushing my teeth. I knew he was there somewhere, but it wasn’t a malicious feeling, just the usual knowledge at the base of my neck. I bent over the sink to spit, and when I straightened, there was a handprint in the fogged mirror. It was almost a foot long, and the water droplets around it were frozen.

I don’t even know what it wants. I can only find theories. Some people think he takes his victims to another dimension, though nobody conjectures as to why. Others claim he eats his victims. Others have alleged reports of his victims being eviscerated, hung from trees, and their organs placed in bags around or inside their bodies. Maybe none of these are right. Maybe all of them are and he just likes to change it up every now and then.

I just hope it’s painless.

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